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"Let You Down" SINGLE

"Hand of Love" SINGLE

"Through Waves" EP

Press Quotes

"Nice breezy vocals and good guitar tones."

Tonic Grain

"The dreamy tones make for an inviting soundscape."

Various Small Flames

"Moody, melodic and hazy slice of dreamy indie-pop; guitars shimmer and twang amid a hazy allure of fuzz while dreamy vocals flutter above the undulating melodies - it is lush, dreamy and alluring."

Barry Gruff

"The wonderful tasty strings coupled with the focused gentle percussion created a really gripping instrumental sound to the piece, leading into some stellar airy vocals to complete the flowing soundscape."

The Underrated

"Loved the vocal delivery and ethereal soundscape. Loved the emotion in the chorus, super classic sounding. Bass groove was cool."

Hard of Hearing Music

"The voice is absolutely stunning and mesmerizing."

Wolf in a Suit


"Just Another Menace Sunday" with Dennis 'The Menace' (2020 - 07 - 12)

"A conversation + Musical Sandwich with one hour of my new fave band from Toronto SWiiMS. The hour and sandwich includes a never before heard track from their new EP to be released in August"

The songs we chose for our Musical Sandwich were:

Johnny & Santo - Sleepwalk   /   Beach House - Walk In The Park   /   The Who - The Kids Are Alright    /   The National - Conversation 16   /   The Smiths - Still Ill     /   Grimes - Delete Forever   /   The Cure - Just Like Heaven   /   Lady Gaga - Stupid Love   /   Alvvays - Plimsoll Punks   /   The Beatles - If I Fell    /   The Church - Under The Milky Way   /   Phoebe Bridgers - Motion Sickness

2020-07-10_Just Another Menace Sunday_Pa
00:00 / 24:25
2020-07-10_Just Another Menace Sunday_Pa
00:00 / 01:04
2020-07-10_Just Another Menace Sunday_Pa
00:00 / 01:38
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